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I want to build a new setup, current one is getting dated..

I've got a 12 hdd hot swap rack mount case, im going to go with a i3 8100, probably get inexpensive kit of 16GB ddr4 ram, 500~600w gold certified PSU,

Most motherboard tend to have 4-6 sata ports, I would suppliment that with a recomended LSI card, but for mobo is the hard choice. I've looked and looked and seems that either mobo has i-219 lan or rlt8111h. which one is best in the long run? I have a feeling im going to be suggested to buy a nic card...

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2 hours ago, merve04 said:



if there is a choice i try to go with a intel nic, sometimes realtek can be slow and unreliable depending on vendor and driver, intel is much more reliable in that direction


also i'd not waste time with mini-itx when its not needed, look for pci-e slots you will need one 8x and at least one 4x (for later 10G nic) better 2nd also 8x

usually ecc ram makes the build more expansive (chipset an cpu need to support it too) but can be taken into account


there are also 8 port ahci controllers available


if you want to be more "independent" when it comes to external drivers you might give ahci a thought

also the nic can be chosen in that direction




if you want to be more power efficiant you might look for a "T" model of your cpu, only 35W tdp


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