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Can one use Synology Control panel DSM upgrade?



I feel like the standard Synology upgrade process would not be supported because everyone is doing updates using the Jun loaders etc.

However I do not see any specific statement saying don't do it, or what will happen if you do.

I did search and could not find an answer after 15 minutes of looking.

I'm sure the answer is in the forums somewhere, however by asking it will make it more readily findable.


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Thanks flyride.

If I understand this correctly the official answer is:

Backup your system before you try an update.  And/or try the update first on a test system to see if it works.

If it works report it so others can learn.  If it doesn't work report it so others know what is not working.

If it doesn't work you will need to find a new loader that is compatible with the newer update you are wanting to upgrade to.


In general it looks like security fixes should work (6.1.2 update x), minor releases are likely to work (6.1.3), and major releases are less likely to work (6.2).

New DSM version like a 7.0 are almost guaranteed not to work.


If I have anything wrong with my understanding please correct.

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There is a loader for 6.1.x (1.02b) and 6.2.x (1.03b and 1.04b, depending upon your hardware needs).  So that will govern the major versions.  Beyond that there are some compatibility factors on  6.2.x that you need to be aware of that affect your ability to upgrade, which you may discern from the links in the post above.

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10 hours ago, kman said:

And/or try the update first on a test system to see if it works


Yes, always advisable. You can choose your current setup/hardware with a simple procedure:


- shut down Xpenology 

- unplug all HDDs/SSDs

- insert a (small) unused HDD/SSD and plug in the cables

- start your system with your current boot stick and install DSM on the test drive

- reboot, set up the necessary features (user, password) and install (if an older pat file has been used) the newest update

- if everything is still working after the reboot (especially the network) you‘re almost safe to update your production system

- shut down the system, unplug the test drive, reconnect your HDDs/SSDs and proceed 

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