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HP Gen 8 migration issues


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Hi all, i am in a spot of bother.


My borther inlaw has a HP N54L microserver that had Xpenology 5.2 onboard, the PSU died se he purchased a used HP8 Gen 8 microserver to replace it, i we transfered the drives over and i set about migrating the data from 5.2 to 6.1, i followed all the instructions and the instalation got to the migrate screen where you select the DSM Pat file, at that point i left the room to sday goodbye to some visitors and my genious brother inlaw hit install, whihc installed the latest version.


When i returned to the room the NAS had rebooted, he did nt tell em he did this so i assumed somewthing went wrong so i started again, re did the boot loader and wei go back thte migration screen and seledted the 6.1 Pat file it started then came up with the folowing message, can only use 6.2.2-24922 or later.


Is there any saving this?

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read this



imho easiest is a cross upgrade (same 1.02b loader but for different image) to from 3615 to 3617 you might loose some settings (not much i'd guess), that step ignores the version number, dont change anything in that state (like plugins)

then migrate back to 3615, then you can install 6.1 again, check the update settings to keep major version and only install security updates

if you know how to handle a rescue linux and mdadm you can also reset the version number on the system volume (raid1 over all disks) by editing a text file, dont forget the usb drive, on updating to to 6.2 it got new kernel and rd so best to safe grub.cfg and recreate it with loader 1.2b

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