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New installation or upgrade?


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55 minutes ago, NKoa5tHtCF7BMSGtEYzi9jzVDf said:

Currently running dsm 5.2-5655. Can i remove the drives and start anew?


if you dont want to keep any data you can just delete the data volume (raid x or shr)  use the new bootloader for 6.x and start installation, you will be asked if you want to upgrade, answer no and you will have a fresh system


55 minutes ago, NKoa5tHtCF7BMSGtEYzi9jzVDf said:

Or do i have to upgrade it.

no, and to install dsm 6.x you need a new image on your boot media (upgrade or not doesn't matter)


55 minutes ago, NKoa5tHtCF7BMSGtEYzi9jzVDf said:

It currently has a sd card which is where i assume it boots off.


as its your first post you should read more about xpenology (faq) and the install (howto)

the sd card is just used a usb device with a bootloader, the "system" (dsm) is on the disks (on every disk as small raid1 partition) so its just grub and kernel that starts from usb

be warned its not a simple linux install/system, its a hacked appliance that has it good sides but has defiantly down sides you should know about, also have a look at open media vault as comparison


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