XPenology not connecting network after update

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After updating to 6.2.2-24922 my HP MicroServer Gen8 is not available in my network anymore, pings to the previous IP go nowhere.


The bootloader does, however, boot.

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you don't write what bootloader and image type and if you use any additions like a extra.lzma or added hardware

the internal nic is a HPE 332i a Broadcom BCM57xx, will need the driver tg3, that's not a default driver of synology

as documented you loose additional drivers, depending on image and loader

i'd assume in your case that its a 3615/17 image as the tg3 is part of 1.04b integrated extra.lzma

you can wait a few days, i'm doing 918+ drivers atm (mostly finished, just some documentation needed) but will work on the other two after this

depending on the hardware you might migrate to the 918+ image (you can check the update reports section for your hardware, use olegins extra.lzma if jun's default in 1.04b does not work for you)

much more complicated is a downgrade, but also possible (faq section, nice if you want to learn about some things about dsm)

a not so well known/used option is to boot from a external media or additional disk into open media vault (also a nas distribution, but completely based of open source), it can automatically use the software raid of synology (witch is just the normal linux raid and lvm) and give you network access to it with a nice gui, it has plugins too, it can stay as temporary solution until you fix the dsm issue (its my tested plan when things with dsm go south, dsm its still a hacked appliance and synology does not like the freeloaders and does things to keep them off, usually with new dsm major versions)

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Oh Im terrible. Sorry. I was using DS3617XS and Bootloader 1.04b however I also tried the DS3617XS with the 1.03.


I dont use any extras nor any added hardware. Its just a unmodified DS3617XS image and unmodified Microserver Gen8

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where did you get a 1.04b for 3617?

the "offiicial" thread is still on 1.03b for 3515/17

(i did not check if there is something newer in the download links, i will check later when testing extra.lzma for 6.2.2 on 3615/17)

if you dont want to do crazy stunts like downgrade and dont want to change to 918+ then just wait until the weekend, i guess until then i will have tested if everything works as expected for 3615/17 too)



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