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Dramas d/lung big files.


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I have several 50gig files downloading. Open my iPhone synolgy ds download app, it seems to be working fine for hrs.


Open it up again tells me I'm downloading at 700kbps but speeds arnt changing, normally it refreshes every 5 seconds or so. So I Look at my resource moniter via my iPhone, it says I'm not downloading at all <5kbs.

So I reset my nas then it's fine again for several hrs. Then same issue.


I completely close down my ds download app when checking it. It's starting to annoy me, I'm

Running dsm5 beta something.


^ that should be a bit better


Basicly my downloads freeze but ds downloaded manger seems to frozen at its last download speed.



My nas is a hp microserver with upgraded ram.

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Lol, I have to agree with Schnapps. I read the OPs post a couple of days ago and had no clue what he was talking about. :roll:


Anyhow, it seems like your download folder location might be the problem. Make sure that Download Station's destination folder is set to a folder on your storage volume (not the usbshare1).

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