Adding previous HDs to new DS918+

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I am using a new built XPE DS918+ box and am trying to add older hard drives loaded with videos and music.

How can I get DSM to see the new volumes?

Right now I added one and it only sees the main HD.

Tried with a couple of addons but no luck.


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how where the disk used/configured in the old system?

if it was raid set (raid0,1,..., jbod)   consisting of more disks you will need to add them all at the same time

if it where "basic disks" then one disk should work


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yes a "normal" non synology/xpenolgy disk needs to be connected as external disk

usually as usb disk, but if you speak tech and linux fluently you might be able to convince xpenology that one of the internal sata is a eSATA port for extrnal drives (like usb)

beside using a usb adapter for the disk(s) you could also connect it to your pc and copy the content over the network to the nas

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