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update stops under proxmox


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I'm looking to install version under a proxmox Vm. 


Version installs well but when updating or installing version everything stops at this precise moment of the installation.


I don't know if it's talking to anyone, but if I could get some help. 


I also put you my configuration in proxmox 6.0.7





Thank you 

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Le 03/10/2019 à 14:33, BenouLM a dit :

Ok for me I followed the same method of stasheck and it works except for a few small changes except that I indicate below: 


I followed this tutorial here


Configuring my machine: 

Proxmox version: 6.0-7

Proxmox hardware: Pentium g3220, Proxmox on an SSD, single SATA HDD.

Loader used: Jun's loader 1.03b

DSM software used: DSM_DS3615xs_24922.pat


VM :






NETWORK = e1000e




Thank you stasheck

If it helps.




thank you for your answer but finally I succeeded in doing so. This comes from the post of the tuto proxmox

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