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How to add drivers to Nanoboot



I know quite a few people have already asked in other threads but I was hoping that somebody could perhaps reply with a how to and make this thread a sticky.... Can anybody assist in extracting the drivers from gnoboot and add them to nanoboot would really appreciate it if it is possible at all.


update1) so looking at the gnoboot version which load my network drivers, I can see that all the drivers are located under /usr/lib/modules/. Would it suffice to copy them into the same path under nanoboot or is there more to it?


update2) Loaded a vm image of nanoboot and using winscp I can browse to the modules directory. Installing gnoboot vm now...


update3) Success! copying the drivers from gnoboot /lib/modules using winscp to /lib/modules on nanoboot worked. Steps are:


create two vm's one for gnoboot, other for nanoboot and install the pat file on both

enable telnet/ssh service on both

using scp protocol in winscp copy modules directory to local disk from /lib/

copy the drivers from within the modules directory to /lib/modules in nanboot

powerdown the nanoboot vm

download the vmdk file from the datastore

use starwind v2v image converter to convert the vmdk to a raw .img file

use img image tool to mount the img file and make any changes to the serial etc

unload and finally write the img file to usb using usb image tool

test nanoboot loads your drivers



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This is interesting.. I have some USB speakers attached to my N54L which runs Xpenology with Nanoboot..

They worked when I used Gnoboot, but not now I have moved to Nanoboot.. I suspect a driver issue..

Could I just obtain the drivers as you suggest and copy them ? Where would I get them from ? or know which ones ar required ?



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You've got two choices.


Either do the VM method above or easier method is use two usbs. boot off of gnoboot. the drivers or modules as they are known as in Linux are under /lib/modules. Copy them on to a share on your nas. Then boot off of nanboot and copy the drivers back to the same location.


Reboot again and the drivers should be loaded.


You can copy all the drivers add they won't do any harm.

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