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Server has fallen over


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Morning all,


OK Maybe fallen over is a bit dramatic but I can't get onto my Syno box. Not via the web console or SMB.

It's a VM and through ESX I can log onto the console but through the GUI it's just timing out.


Any ideas? Any log file i can pull from the console to help me diagnose the problem?


Really in the dark here so any help would be appreciated.


I'm running Nanoboot with DSM 5 update 3.



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Fixed it.


Not sure what it was, either VPN connecting and blocking me out (even on the local network?), a hack attack (forgot to disable SSH although not sure why this would be the problem as have a bad password policy) or just the network being pants.


Either way resolved it by deleting the network card from VM. Booting. Turning off. Creating new network card. Assigning previous IP address.

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