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Currently i'm running DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 3 on a cheap X58 motherboard which runs fine. But number of SATA II ports was limited to 4, no possibilities for further upgrade because of the Realtek NIC and also the case is a bit small.


Initial idea was to order a 8 bay hot swap 19" case, use the existing MB and add a SAS controller card. So the rack was ordered.


But thinking it over, i decided it would be better to get a new, better suited MB with built-in SAS controllers. With a bit of a search we ended up with ordering a Supermicro X8DT6-F motherboard processors, memory etc. 


My question is: if i make a configuration back up, set up the new hardware and get it running, will DSM accept the DSS file and do a full restore of my current configuration or are there other things in need to take in account?


Next step would be to upgrade to DSM 6.2


Thanks for your help.




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I would try a first startup with your current setup. Let the Nas boot and check if everything works as desired. After that you can step forward to upgrade your system. A simple approach is using a blank hdd with a new boot stick and appropriate loader for DSM 6.2. Install the pat and see if everything is recognized and working. After that you can upgrade your system. But a backup is always welcome before upgrading/migrating 🙂

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yes, trying it first is the best, just a usb thumb drive and any (empty) hdd, thats the way i do it just now with my new hardware (maybe a second connected to the sas controller would be good and after seting up with one disk an sata you drop in the 2nd and extend your basic disc to raid1, will also be a little burn in test, also a good idea to toss some data from your old system over network)

1.04b loader, dsm 6.2.2 is running here fine with that old sas controller (there are some extra.lzma's around that work with 918+ 6.2.2, my new one will be out in the next days, containing more and newer drivers, you can try olegin's or real3x"s extra.lzma containing jun's drivers that came with 1.04b), your onboard nic would need the intel igb driver, that is even delivered from synology in the 918+ image and as your board is already a little outdated (came out 2016?)  i'd guess the nic will work too, but with that many pcie slots you can have any nic

(odd choice of a systemboard but as you already have it we dont need to discuss better choices)


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HI guys,


Thanks for your help, much appreciated. My old X58 setup runs for about a year now. I runs fine but over the past few days i've decided to use unRAID for my next build. It's not free but i think it's a better choice for this hardware. 


Again, thanks for your help.



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