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24 bay sata server possible on XPEnology?


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Hi folks,


would it be possible to run some flavour of XPEnology (4.3 - 5.0) on a 24 sata bay Encom 4U server chassis I have?

I know that the official Syno 3612 support a max of 12 drives in the unit, but they can be paired up to expansion units to increase capacity to 24 or 36 drives...

I would love to be able to get all 24 drives up and going in a XPEnology build, if that's possible.


I searched for 24 bay, 24 drives and the like on the forum, but the search results came back and excluded the 24 as it said it was too common...


Thanks for any help, or pointers...



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Yes it should work


Just have to modify your




File a little


Change lines


Max disks = xyz


And then modify lines with USB ports and sata / esata ports


Probably best to use trantors 3827 v7 HBA version to get it to work best.... Nano boot version can be a bit fussy with sas controllers and network card drivers.



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You absolutely can have 24 disks, as long as you modify /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf to the correct values


To demonstrate this, I am running Nanoboot + DSM 5.0-4493 update 3 in VMWare Fusion. I added 24 x 20GB virtual sata drives to this VM instance just to demonstrate that it is indeed possible.


These are the values I have modified in /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf. Your actual values may differ depending on how your installation enumerates your drives. So the following settings is just an example.










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Hello good morning


First of all they forgive me for my bad English, Spanish and I do not master their language.


I'm trying to do the process with 24 USB hard drives and recognizes them and shows me perfectly.


The formatting and I shared folders, but when I reboot the Synology NAS disappears format and folders.


Could anyone help?


Thank you.

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