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How to freshly install XPEnology on a PC


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I have read many of the forum pages and the more I read, the more complicated this appears. I get confused with the vast information and ask for your help as to how to easily install XPEnology on a PC or server. Many of the links I tried to access from this forum are not working. Many different options make it difficult to follow.


I am not sure when to use EXSI, VM Ware, SynoBoot, NanoBoot. Also not sure where XPEnology comes into the mix?


Can somebody please provide a step by step instruction?




1. Download all the following files:

a. Link 1

b. Link 2.

c. Link 3.


2. Install on the USB using .

3. ???????



This information is in bits and pieces all over the forum and will appreciate if somebody can help with a consolidated (no frills) fresh install instruction with all the files in one place. I did read the French document, but this one is also confusing as it does not tie up with other posts on this forum.




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Try Poechi's tutorial... just use the transation if needed




Yes, much easier than working out through getting information from the forum! That is for sure :grin:

Also, using XPEnology does have some caveats, which the forum does not elaborate before you begin. :smile:

Caveats meaning some function may not work depending on which version of boot image you use. :wink:

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Would you be so kind as to describe the limitations off the various boot images?




Not a problem, just read at this post: http://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3459


The problem is the forum does not have a sticky to show you or warn you about it before you

start installing into the hardware.


So the onus is up you to "dig out" information from the forum. That is read the post that

is related to what you are going to do- Installing Nanoboot.


The reason being, I think, I may be wrong here, most forum users are using VM stuff. :smile:

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