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Xpenology on VPS?


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Anybody find a way to get DSM working in a virtual private server like on Vultr or Digital Ocean (without installing ESXi on the VPS and then running DSM on that)? I am able to get Jun's loader to boot on a VPS but have no way to access the DSM install pages, so guessing either the loader is not obtaining the IP over DHCP from the VPS provider or the virtual NIC the VPS uses is not compatible with the loader. Is there a way to force verbose boot of the loader to see output of boot process?

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That doesn't seems possible, since most of these cloud providers use virtio, including NIC and disk to boost VM performance, and Xpenology unfortunately does not support virtio out of the box, and this mean unless the guest can host nested VM (that is, VT-X is passed though to the VM), and this alone is already a rare thing so this mean trying to virtualize Xpenology at a cost of slight performance loss is also rare.


But with Ryzen/EPYC hosting however I think this could change as I see most of the Ryzen host providers allowed passthough of SVM.


This can potentially be a great combo to get Xpenology worked on the cloud, especially when Synology is going to kick off their first series of Ryzen Embedded line of products, so that we will be finally getting optimized Ryzen kernel!

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