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Adding smaller disks to SHR, will this work?

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So I have a bunch of drives in /volume1:


3x6TB (added later)


Now I have a bunch more drives that currently in /volume3 (/volume2 was deleted, just 1 SSD for VM storage):



and a bunch of unused drives:



So I wanted to add all of the drives into one big /volume1. So...

1. I backed up /volume1 using HyperBackup into /volume2. 

2. delete/destroy /volume1,

3. add all 3TB drives first (minus the one 3TB drive in /volume2) as well as the 3x6TB drives into the newlybuilt /volume1. All in SHR.

4. restore the HyperBackup from /volume2, destroy /volume2

5. Expand/add the 2x10TB from /volume2 into /volume1. So I'm left with 1x3TB unused.




1. Will this work?

2. What will happen to my DSM and apps during deletion, creation of SHR, and during restoration from HyperBackup? 

3. Will the newly created volume/storage pool be in /volume1 or /volume4 after I removed /volume1?

4. Anything else I need to worry about? Because /volume1 used size is 20TB, and the HyperBackup in /volume2 is 18.4TB in size.


Cheers and thanks!

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6 hours ago, agent47SG1 said:



I have already tested this and you can only had disk with same or more space


I know that. That's why I said I want to remove the SHR, then add all the smaller drives including new ones first while having a backup copy in the biggest drives. Please reread my post and tell me what you think, thanks

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19 hours ago, bluesnow said:

The problem is no the data, You can move/destroy/restore all volumes as you want. But apps/shares etc must be installed/configured again. 


I don't mind reinstalling, as the data is backed up via HyperVisor, like Plex database. Unless you're telling me HyperBackup doesn't back up data on my /volume1 on things like Moments, Drive, plex database folder, etc.

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I took a (calculated) chance and did it. What I did:

Mental note: with SHR, you can only add bigger or similar drives to your biggest current RAID setup (in my case, only 6TB when I wanted to add 3x3TB to it).

Basic idea (guess):

  1. backup/clone the files
  2. take out the drives that contain the backup files
  3. destroy/format/wipe/fresh install DSM into all drives
  4. recreate SHR including the newer smaller empty drives
  5. restore backup
  6. reinstall apps, apps will automagically use the data(base) from the previously backed up files



/volume1 (~20TB) - 5x3TB + 3x6TB

/volume3 (~20TB) - 1x3TB + 2x10TB

Empty drives: 3x3TB, created as Basic disks each (volume4 volume5 volume6) so it saves DSM data (didn't know DSM is installed in all initialized disks as RAID1, not needed if you didn't take out /volume3) 

Back up /volume1 using HyperBackup to /volume3. All apps, all configs, all (Just Shared Folders or all raid contents? Not sure. Need clarification) folders.

Take out /volume3 drives so DSM reinstall doesn't format/empty these backed up drives (not needed if you know which physical drives that contain the backup files, and I didn't want to copy the hdd serials just to be sure)

Reboot. Reinstall DSM from boot menu from fresh, same DSM version (apparently not needed to reformat/fresh install, didn't really know).

SSH into DSM. sudo vi /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf for maxdisks=24, usbportcfg (0x0), esatacfg (0x0), and internalportcfg (0xffffff) as well as support_syno_hybrid_raid = "yes" and #supportraidgroup="yes" to enable back SHR and increase the max disks to 24.

Install HyperBackup.

Shutdown. Plug in the 3 drives for /volume3. Turn on your pc.

Remove /volume1 as well as Storage Pool 1. Remove the 3x3TB Basic disks' volumes and storage pools as the DSM data is still available in the 3 disks in /volume3. Reboot (just to be safe?).

Create a new SHR out of the empty 3x3TB drives as well as 5x3TB + 3x6TB. It automatically creates /volume1 with a bigger SHR than the original.

HyperBackup will detect the .hbk automagically in /volume3 when you click restore (didn't know how or why). It also restores the configuration of your previous installation (didn't know! awesome!)




Gonna wait it out to see if the app databases, like Office, Drive, Note Station, Plex are restored as well when I install these apps back.


Planned steps afterwards:

Reinstall the apps after restore is done

Hopefully the apps find the database files and use them instead of recreating new databases

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Weird: I clicked on add disk, and I can somehow add all of the ex-volume3 disks (1x3TB + 2x10TB). I thought I couldn't add the 3TB disk since the new /volume1 already has 3x6TB disks?


With the exception of Note Station contents, everything seems to be working right up to the point where I left. 😁

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