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server keeps turning it self off


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I could thank dirty power initally for that... luckily it was something to do with the underground line coming into my home when it rained heavily. Couple of phone calls to utility company and a fresh ground at the street it was never a problem (added an APC SMT1500 for GP)


How hot does your unit run? Have you exceeded your power supply? Does it auto-turn back on or are you having to turn it back on?


Trying to identify power or hardware! It could be cooking itself, breaching thresholds and shutting itself down.

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my server keeps turning it self off and i am not sure why?? all i can find is the machine says improper shutdown. any help would be great.

Try to setup in bios "last power or always on" state in power management.


This will automatically start your nas after a power drop as this seems to be the issue.


You could borrow an ups from a friend just for testing. Anyhow, for a nas, an ups is a must.



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