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[SOLVED] XPEnologoy/Nanoboot/HP N54L with a GPU?


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I've got an N54L which I'll be using nanoboot on to run the latest possible DSM. At the moment I'm using it with gnoboot and an older version of DSM 5.0, and with Plex I'm maxing out when transcoding things for iOS devices, and it seems to be doing it even when playing to a device I know can play that file natively (not sure if Plex is transcoding EVERYTHING?)


Anyway, I was wondering if I could add a GPU such as a Radeon 5450/6450 or nVidia card that would aid with the transcoding? And make it much easier when I need to work with the BIOS etc as none of my monitors have VGA and I had to borrow one to get it all setup.


I guess it's not just down to the drivers being added as DSM/Plex for DSM would also need to know to use the GPU? I couldn't find much with a search at all, I know it would work using Windows Server but I'm liking DSM and the SHR system over something like FreeNAS.


Cheers for any help and thanks to everyone who's helped make this all work so well.

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