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Combining multiple Xpenology box for one large volume

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Because of the 24/26 disks hardlimit of syno/xpenology, I was trying to figure out if there is a way of combining multiple Xpenology rigs to create a combined volume.



1TB /volume1/FolderA/SubFolderA,B,C




3TB /volume1/FolderB/SubFolderX,Y,Z




3TB /volume1/FolderA/SubFolderA,B,C,D,E

3TB /volume1/FolderB/SubFolderX,Y,Z


Is there a way? Currently reading up on GlusterFS and LizardFS and seems like the right idea/the future. Is there a way to do this? Clients will only see shares from DS36157. I read up on High Availability, and seems like that's more on having a redundant/failover Xpenology system. Also, how would I design the whole system? 2 Xpe box and 1 Xpe "master" or something?


Cheers and thanks!

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