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Python Files Quarantined by Antivirus Essential

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I just noticed that Antivirus Essential has quarantined 4 files from the Python install on DSM. The files are:


wininst-9.0.exe @appstore/python/lib/putjon2.7/site-packages/distutils2/command

wininst-8.0.exe @appstore/python/lib/putjon2.7/site-packages/distutils2/command

wininst-9.0.exe @appstore/python/lib/putjon2.7/distutils/command

wininst-8.0.exe @appstore/python/lib/putjon2.7/distutils/command


The virus is listed as: Win.Worm.Chir-551 and Win.Worm.Chir-553


However, it looks like it might be a false positive: ... 90&t=88086 ... bd.en.html

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