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HP Microserver GEN8 Baremetal + HP NC360T + DSM DS3615xs_24922 Update3


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I have been using my xpenology v 5.x on Baremetal HP Microserver GEN8 for the last 2 years with no problem....
I haven't been able to update the plex app for several months, so I decided to update it to v6.x given ALL the feedback + on DSM update reporting....
I made a complete backup and starting from DSM 5.2-5967 Update9 (latest) and I made the boot key following the tutorial and directly with the DSM DSM 6.2.2 Update 3 (latest)
Everything good!
Xpenology has been reborn as upgradable. I performed the migration operation successfully (it is also in the logs)
Problems begin :(
If I click on the control panel i get the error in attach
If clik ok i go on but try to configure the network cards i get the no response for infinite time

In DHCP mode all (network share by example) working fine. App not tested


i replicate the procedure by replacing the network card with another one of the same type (HP NC360T) and I have also rebuilt, changing the boot key, wit no success

Any idea please?

Many Thanks in advance.




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On 9/9/2019 at 7:55 PM, Bi0sh0ck said:

Hmmm ... it could be that the error occurs by directly updating V5 to the current version!  One must not forget V6.0 was a master update!  Please write your mistake in the community!  Maybe someone had the same mistake


Hi everyone !


After repeating the error by removing the data disks and replay the procedure with only 1 test disk:

You are right, Bi0sh0ck!

I was foolishly wrong to switch directly from version 5.x directly to 6.2.2 update 3.

Here is the correct procedure: I reset the DSM partition on ALL the disks on the raid with wonderful Minitool Partition Wizard *free*


like this excellent post of  XoioX:


No weird in/out with precious data disk, no volume restorations and/or fixes ....

The NAS resurrects completly clean as "installable" (migration was + by previous broken procedure)

All done with *BASE* DSM v6.2 (DSM_DS3615xs_24922.pat) download from official page synology for DS3615xs and immediatly after, the latest update (6.2.2 update 3 in today case)

Double boot, as for everyone in DSM Update reporting, and all working fine!

Thanks again Bi0sh0ck, and happy XPEnology to all!





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