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Surveillance station license


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OK. Suggestions requred please..
I have a legit SS license that got corrupted on my server when I tried to migrate to a new disk.. Done it before but this time SS reinstalled itself, rather than repair itself, and the license is buggered.
Doesn't let me install it again on the same box as there's an issue with the serial..

Tried a different serial - but it says my license is already allocated to another server (yes, my old server's serial)..

So.. I'm stuck..


PM me if required, thanks!

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Hmm.. this can be tricky. As what I read from the official Synology website there’s an option to activate a license „offline“. For this you‘ll need the smartphone app „DS Cam“. 




Maybe it’s worth a try. But I couldn’t find anything about licenses on bricked hardware.

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Aye, had already tried it.. I think it still tries to go 'online' (at some point) and simply doesn't work..

I might need to go down the dodgy route  - or just give them my legit Syno box serial and claim ignorance. But it wasn't registered on that one, so who knows..

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