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Sync Synology to UnRaid


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Hello I have a UnRaid and a XPE. The XPE is the new box thanks to this forum.


I have copied all the files from my UnRAID to XPE (10TB). All is well with UnRAID and Synology.


Now I would like to sync particular folders from XPE to UnRAID, AUTOMATICALLY. I will mainly be copying files to XPE and hoepfully there is some "easy" mechanism to automatically sync the folders between XPE to UnRAID on a weekly basis.


I installed and used the rsync.conf file found on UnRaid forums, but I do not know where to go from here. Again the XPE is master and UnRAID is the slave (BackUp only), only a one way sync.


If anyone can provide me a step-by-step that would helpful. I am not a Liunx expert but can manage my way around.


Thanks in advance for the help.


Worst comes to worst I can convert the UnRAID Box to XPE (to use the Diskstation Sync function), however that would mean copying all the files back to UnRAID once I install XPE on the current UnRAID box.


BTW I am using DSM 5.

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