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Memory Reservation even with disable trim


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Hello Xpenology Community,


I'm struggling with the RAM reservation issue, I have 8gb but 5 is reserved. I've already tried to set:

set common_args_3615='disable_mtrr_trim syno_hdd_...

in the grub file. Also I tried to disable AMD virtualization in the bios.


Any ideas? :) Thanks!


Motherboard: ASUS E2KM1I-DELUXE with AMD E2-2000 processor

Loader: 1.03b

DSM: 6.2-23739




Edit: htop sees only 2602mb of ram? 



Edit2: there is a file /proc/mtrr with following content:

reg00: base=0x000000000 (    0MB), size= 2048MB, count=1: write-back
reg01: base=0x080000000 ( 2048MB), size=  512MB, count=1: write-back
reg02: base=0x0a0000000 ( 2560MB), size=   64MB, count=1: write-back
reg03: base=0x0a4000000 ( 2624MB), size=   32MB, count=1: write-back
reg04: base=0x0a6000000 ( 2656MB), size=   16MB, count=1: write-back



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