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On 9/1/2019 at 3:36 PM, Gnusse said:

Hi, im trying to install sata_args xpenology to my old pc but gets an error saying "NO HARD DISK FOUND ON DS3615xs"

This is with Boot Loader 1.04b....

I can install via 1.02b but not with 1.04b...


What im i missing?


When you say 'old PC' how old? as loader 1.04b needs Skylake or higher/equivalent compatible CPU. Try the 1.03b loader (that what I use on my Westmere era X5670's and they work great)

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I'm having the exact same problem.  1.02 works, detects HD's can fully setup xpenology DSM but when I try 1.03b or 1.04b always returns "NO HARD DISK FOUND ON DS3615xs"

I thought that the HD had to be preformatted somehow so it's properly detected but when I installed the 1.02b it didn't matter, it just found the hard drives connected and continued.


As a side note, 1.02b shows up with a warning "this is an alpha build..."  is this normal even though it clearly says "b" ?


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