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Surveillance Station v6.3- using High CPU loading


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Hi All,


Once again, I turn to the forum of advice on the subject mentioned above.


Has anyone in the forum try the 2 free license from Synology Surveillance Staion v6.3?


Has anyone try SSS v6.3 hooked up to 2 units of H.264 cameras (any brand) @ 25/30fps?


When using Internet Explorer v11 browser to do live viewing, your client PC (used for doing live viewing)

CPU load will run high. See the picture below:




I did check out the hardware requirement for using SSS v6.3, scroll to the bottom:


And you can see minimum hardware requirement = Intel i5


So...does it means that I need to upgrade my client PC from an Intel C2D Quad to and Intel i5,

in order to see lowering CPU loading?


Thank you.

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Hi, they are a lot of bug with SS 6.3, see : http://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic ... 6&start=15


Thanks for your valuable feedback and the link given above. :grin:



this is my experience with any IT company from TAIWAN. They don't fully TEST the whole thing

before revealing and releasing it to the public.


Now you have installed SSS v6.3, they treat us like guinea pigs / testing lab rats. :cry:

If you have problems naturally you voice out your concerns in the Synology Community Forum.

But frankly, they are helpless. So we are stuck in this hopeless situation.

When Synology sees that the problem is slowly creeping up and reach the boiling point,

then they probably will release an updated version of SSS v6.3.2 (something like that)

in order to solve the issue.


I don't experience any lagging problem, probably......


1) I use motion detection(MD) directly from the camera, and not using SSS to do MD.


2) It is highly recommend to use Internet Explorer to do live viewing, because it reduce CPU consumption.

(If you use other browser like Firefox or Chrome....prepare to see your CPU throttle to FULL SPEED 100%)


3) My PC is a C2D Quad Core CPU @ 2.5GHz, but Synology recommend to use Intel i5 CPU (minimum hardware)


4) Probably SSS v6.3 may be too taxing on Synology NAS machines (especially with the older model with older hardware

specification- low end CPU)


I am thinking of buying a new Intel i5 PC, just to see whether it can cope the task of doing live viewing on the

H.264 streaming cameras.

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