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What Version is optimal?


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I'm now thinking about to buy the C2550D4I mainboard.


12Sata Ports

Avoton C2550 Quad-Core Processor

DDR3 1600/1333 Dual-channel Max. 64GB

Dual Intel i210 Gigabit LAN ports (with Teaming function)

1 x PCI-E x8 slot


Are SSD's for caching worth it, when I'm running 3-10 4TB drives?


I'm just a bit scared that it wont let me run Plex on it. I do not transcode much, almost everything is a direct stream which shouldnt be a big problem...


Does anyone in this forum own this board? Would be great to hear some feedback...

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I just replied to another thread about this board...so i am just cutting and pasting here as i am to lazy to retype lol...


I have been using this board now (asrock C25504di) for the past three weeks and its been working flawlessly. Nanoboot picked up the i210 nics with no issues and i am running DSM 5.0 4493U2. I have the nics "teamed" together with my cisco switch channel grouped on the other side.


I read a ton of posts before getting this board both good and bad from the early adopters as this board just came out about half a year ago. I decided to take the plunge and i am glad i did. Mine came with the latest code 1.4 already installed. In the end, it seems both freenas and xpenology run on this board so you have the option to switch if you wanted to too.


Make sure you use the Intel sata controller first then continue filling the rest of the marvell sata controllers for stability. IMPI also works well for me as i can WOL without issue but i cant do it through the synology interface. I am ok with this as long as i can do it one way or the other. As for Plex it runs great on it with out issue. I had a small group of friends over watching from 2 different rooms (different movies) @ 1080p and also streaming to my ipad/iphone at the same time with out issue. As for memory, my ecc ram that i had laying around did not boot up the board, but my non ecc ddr3 1600 worked with. So currently i am running 8gb of memory on it.


I was actually the guinea pig for my friends here as i took the plunge first with this board and i can say i would recommend this board.

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