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Package centre - Server busy

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Can someone please help me.


My package centre (build 4458) stops working now.


For some reason it keeps saying "Server is busy".


I tried adding custom path: http://packages.synocommunity.com same thing.


And I have set the DNS to google's and, same thing


Set the DNS to my ISP's, same thing


Set the DNS to auto, same thing.




It used to work no problem, I could download files using torrents no problem.


I can access the server outside of my network no problem.


Everything is working fine, except Package Centre.


The last thing I did was adding a serial number on the server, but after that I could still access the package centre, when a few days later, out of a sudden, I couldn't.



Can some one help?

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I believe that I have found a work-around for my own hardware/configuration... I am reluctant to post what I found and the fix there in... Not trying to get my work-around shut down by the syno-folks!


Send me a message... you can join the guinea pig party!


Same issue(s):

Existing build running 4.2-3211 stopped seeing packages one day not too long ago with messages about connectivity.


New Build/New Hardware running Nanoboot 5.0-4493(&4482): Tossed Network Error. Tried Serial # changes, virtualizing... denied!


Applied my "work-around"... insta-packages! New & Old.


I can understand their desire to prohibit access to their own internally developed applications... but the community?! Really?!

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