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Stupid question: Going from 6.1 loader to 6.2



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Hmm, calling people out as arrogant isn't the way to curry favor for help.  Anyone you could possibly reach with that comment has spent countless hours trying to help many, many people such as yourself. Based on your questions, both you and OP present with little or no evidence of effort to understand DSM and how the XPenology loader works.  And only slightly below the veneer of that request is a challenge to be assured you won't lose data, which you cannot possibly get from someone on an online forum.  It's your responsibility, nobody else's, to make sure your data is safe.


Let's spell it out: All the loader does it let us boot DSM on non-Synology hardware. Nothing more, nothing less.  Any other behavior is attributable to DSM, Synology's operating system.  Yes, it's based on Linux, but that's not a limiting factor.  Many XPenology users never launch the shell, nor do they need to. If you want to be successful running DSM on XPenology, it will be in your interest to know something about DSM.  There are many, many places to learn about how to do things with DSM, not the least of which are Synology's forums.


So here are a couple of key points that ARE, literally, embedded in the tutorials.  Hopefully they will help steer you in the right direction.

  • Upgrading DSM from 6.1 to 6.2 is a function of DSM.  Not the loader.
  • If you want to upgrade from 6.1 to 6.2, you'll need to install a 6.2 compatible version of the loader (either 1.03b or 1.04b), otherwise DSM will crash once upgraded
  • The 6.2 compatible loader must also work with your hardware, which isn't a guarantee even if you were successfully running DSM 6.1.
  • Installing a new loader is analogous to moving your disks to a new Synology Diskstation -  DSM will prompt for migration or upgrade.
  • Migrating and/or upgrading DSM isn't inherently a data-destroying process, if done properly.  Again, this is a DSM behavior
  • Any upgrade or migration operation can fail for many reasons, including loader incompatibility (ref hardware issues above) or user mistake.
  • Those who attempt an upgrade or migration operation without a data backup plan are, bluntly, foolish

To you, OP and anyone else who wants to upgrade - it's very much in your interest to build up a test environment and validate your upgrade plan each and every time before subjecting your production system and data to risk.  This is repeated again and again in the tutorials.  It is one of the benefits of a virtualized (i.e. ESXi) environment - it makes it very easy to test without extra hardware.


Good luck to you and OP.  Your linarrogant friends online will be waiting to help if you run into trouble.


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3 hours ago, flyride said:

There are literally entire tutorials dedicated to answering this question.


Start here: https://xpenology.com/forum/forum/36-tutorials-and-guides/

Actually, there are literally NO tutorials whose titles indicate that the OP's question will be answered.  I have exactly the same question, and have yet to find a tutorial in the Tutorials and Guides section that explains how to upgrade, step-by=step, from 6.1 to 6.2.  If I have missed something, I apologize, but since there are a lot of tutorials and most refer to specific hardware that I am not using, I (and the OP) have been unable to find it.  I am unsure if the loader then upgrades the DSM version or if more has to be done, and most importantly, if any of this can be done without losing data.  I get that this is basically Linux, and linarrogance rules 😉, but if someone would deign to spell it out for us, (or just point out which tutorial to look at) we would be very grateful.

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Some of us newbies understand about 80% of what the tutorials are saying. I have spent many countless hours looking through this forum, on youtube, and even the knock off .org site that tries to copy this site.  There is no definitive way to upgrade to 6.2 from 6.1 on bare metal servers.  When I first did this process, the loader was very specific on Intel or AMD.  The new guide doesn't specify if its universal now or only Intel.  


I basically need to know if I can take my new 3617xs 1.03b usb and replace the old AMD loader USB and I'm able to update my DSM from 6.1 to 6.2.  


I'm on a AMD piledriver chipset.  

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@Jastsai, unless someone has EXACTLY the hardware you do (i.e. you can find it in the DSM upgrade threads), you have to make the determination for yourself.  Maybe try this:


1. Set aside your old loader and disks, and build up a new loader on a new USB on your AMD platform, with a spare drive.  Install DSM 6.1.x like you already have running.

2. Install 1.03b on the new USB and boot it.  It should prompt you to migrate.  Once done, verify that it boots into DSM ok and your test configuration is intact.  If so, congrats, your hardware works with the new loader on DSM 6.1

3. Now use Control Panel to try and upgrade to the latest 6.2, or download the 6.2 PAT file of your preference and install a prior version.

4. If it works and boots back into DSM, congratulations, your hardware works with DSM 6.2.x and you should expect to have the same result with your production system.


To upgrade your production system (or return to the 6.1 version of your production system) just replace the test USB and disk with the ones you removed.  Regardless, it would be wise to have a backup of your data prior to upgrade.


If the above doesn't work at some step, you can bring your results back to the forum and folks will be more than willing to help.

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On 8/25/2019 at 4:46 AM, ctdavid said:

Actually, there are literally NO tutorials whose titles indicate that the OP's question will be answered.  I have exactly the same question, and have yet to find a tutorial in the Tutorials and Guides section that explains how to upgrade, step-by=step, from 6.1 to 6.2.


Indeed there isn't specifically one tutorial that lays out the upgrade process from DSM 6.1 to DSM 6.2. There is a good reason for that. It's not required because it basically is the same process than from going from DSM 6.0 to 6.1 or for that matter from DSM 5.2 to 6.1. All that changes is the loader and DSM version. That is it. In fact a few months back I blindly started making the tutorial, but I soon realized it would be redundant with all the information already available and it would keep people in a state of dependance and ignorance. I rather have people search and understand what they are doing rather than spoon feed them. I too was a noob at some point, same like anyone here but we all learned by asking and exploring.


If you had spend some time reading at least the FAQs to understand how this whole thing works I am pretty sure you wouldn't have seen the necessity to say the above.


As for the rest, I think @flyride has spelt it out rather politely and I suggest more humility when asking for help. It usually entices call for help.


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