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4.3 - Problems with connecting


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XPEnology 4.3

Yesterday I have some problems with package center.

It always says 'no internet connection'

So I rebooted.

But now I have more problems.

I can connect with synology assistant.

Package Center works fine.

But I have a network drive to the nas on my pc,

when I want to connect with it says always 'there's a problem with the connection'

Also when I want to connect with my media player it doesn't show the nas.

When I try to ping, it gives a time-out (both are in the same range "192.168.0.")


Anybody a solution?

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I found a solution.

But I don't know if it's a good one.

In the firewall you can set: "Failure to respect the rules" (at the bottom)

(see picture)

I changed it from "deny access" to "allow access"


But now I think it's all open?


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