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very serious problem



Hello everyone,

Today Something rather unpleasant has happened, and I hope that some of you can help me.

I configured my xpenology with a radius 5 and 5HDD. Today I replaced one of the 5 because it failed, at the end of the reconstruction of the raid array the system reported "system partition failed" visualizing the link of wizard to fix the error, at the end of this operations i following a healthy restart.
In this moment i find myself with the NAS still functioning and reachable, but he have the WEB page of the DSM offline, when i trying access to the web page "http: // IP: 5000" it display the: "synology: La page requested was not found. " (I attach photo).

All we know is that SSH was accessed with root user access is active, and that the synology assistant does not report anything abnormal.



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