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HELP Please CRASHED state


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I have a Nano Boot DSM 5.0-4493 running in an old desktop.

Initially I was running this with 3x500GB, 1TB and 1.5TB in SHR2 (SHR2 because I be using 12Drives in this volume soon)

After I was happy running the initial setup I decided to move my 5x2TB from N40L running FlexRAIDF-FS.

Of course I backup this first 2 volumes and moved the 2 volumes plus the parity drive to the old desktop.

So I expanded the existing volume by adding the 3 x 2TB HDD.


I left it overnight but when I checked in the morning, the GUI is not responding, the console is not responding , SSH not connecting.

Nothing is working. So I decided to press the RESET Buttong (I should have not done this). After it boots up, it shows a CRASHED state and I was like S#%##@#T


I noticed the HDD LED is still on but STEADY. but again after a few mins the GUI not responding, Console not responding and SSH not connecting either.

Can I assume its still rebuilding? Will just have to give it time? How long should this rebuild will take place?


I would to have this recover because I will lose about 100GB of Data if I decide to start over. I deleted some files in the Flexraid volume because I already have a copy of it in the NanoBoat volume. I would like to get it back if I can.

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Mate sorry for the problem you got and especially that me personally have no bright ideas to help get your data back.

What I would say is that working with raid arrays is not that easy if you don't have patience. Normally when you enlarge a matrix you do it one drive by another and not with multiple drives once.

It takes a lot but it's working



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