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Greetings from Novak Djokovic's country...


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Hi to everybody...greetings from Serbia.

I build my first Xpenology server thanks to reading very good tutorials on this Community...Thank you.

My Xpenology configuration:

CPU: Intel Core i5 4960K

Motherboard: AsRock H81M-HDS

2X4GB DDR3 1600Mhz

1xSSD 120GB for Windows 10, 1xHDD 1TB, 1xHDD 2TB (Basic). I'm planning one more 4TB HDD and that will be enough for my needs, at least I think so. Then I will configure RAID 1, of course if I succeed??? I still have to read.

I was able to boot from the first attempt and after 4-5 hours of reading the topics. To repeat, I never heard for something like this until two days ago ... and here ... I run into this forum and BUMMM. I bought the configuration and HDDs yesterday, put it together and here I am. Everything works perfectly. 

I used 1.03b for DS3617xs because I assumed I would have problems with DS918 + because of that famous SN.

Everything works for me perfectly. Video, Photo, Audio, OpenVpn server...

So much for now...

I salute you all.


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