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Issue installing DSM 6.2 (no guess)


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Hi all,


I have purchased a Supermicro X10SLL-F; Intel Xeon E3-1270v3 and 31GB of RAM. Unfortunately I am unable to install DSM.

I have tried various flavours:

V1.03 with 3617xs

V1.03 with 3615xs

V1.04 with 918+


With each kind of loader I get different errors and I am unable to install DSM to the system.


3617: System is installing, but after the reboot I do not have any network connection. I do have Intel 217LM1 and i210AT installed

918: Error 13. I was wiping everything, even with GParted... Tried several USB thum drives and of course checked 300 times the VID and PID with Windows and Linux

3615: Did not boot


I tried 24922 for the systems (DSM_DS918+_24922.pat for instance).


I would really like to use the system....
Actually I am out of ideas, can you help?

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