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How to enable more then 2 network devices on ds918+


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I have an xpenology running with DS918+ and bootloader 1.04.

I have a network card with 4 nics. But I can only use 2.

When i check ifconfig I can see there are 4 eth(x) but only 2 get an IP

In /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts I can see with files for eth0 and eth1. I tried to manual create eth2 but after a restart of the system this file is gone.


Does anyone know how to activate eth2 and eth3?

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Did you modify the grub.cfg from the startup screen or did you do that on a PC mounting the stick and used Notepad++?


Was the Nic already present when you installed Dsm from scratch? 


I also use a 4-port card from Intel in one of my 918+ and all 4 ports are usable. I used Intel‘s flash tool to hard-code the appropriate Macs on it.

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