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How to come back to trantor 4.3


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perko wrote:



i ve a PC with Trantor 4.3 working fine.

Today i try to move to DSM5 with gnoboot but without success. I boot always on installation mode.


So finally i want to go back to 4.3 but i can t.

When i try to install he say that he is in version 5.0-4482 and i can t install previous version.

I try to connect with telnet but my admin password dont work with root account.


What can i do to get back my datas ? :s





I don't think Downgrade is worth the stress.

Do you have any details about your hardware? We'd need more information to help.

Nano boot should have a wide spectrum of hardware support.

Try booting nanoboot in upgrade mode to 4493 with only Display, LAN and keyboard connected, so no wifi or Bluetooth dongles. In upgrade mode you can use either the synology tool on your computer to 'migrate' the new version or type into the browser the IP of your NAS. Click that, type in the username and password you want to use and upload the original 4493 you get at synology. After upgrade your NAS will reboot. Be sure not to boot into upgrade, but normal nanoboot. The synology tool should detect your NAS and will write some more stuff onto your NAS. You can also login into the shell with the user and PW you just typed in.



Also.. you should have posted this into another thread or make a new one, but not this one..


Good luck

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im trying with Nano boot 5.0.3. and DSM 5 4493


On the first boot with Nano boot, i got promp DiskStation :. What s the login / pwd to enter in the system ?

After that i install 4493 with Synology assistant (right click ,install)/

Step 1 2 are fine

He jump 3 and 4 (not erasing my data)

And finally he succed step 5.


But if i connect to the synology im always in Migration mode :sad:

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So finally i find a solution.


1 - i use synoboot-trantor-4.3-3810-v1.0.img on usb key

2 - i remove all my HDD and install 1 new HDD (the 5°)

3 - i install XPEnology_trantor_v1.0_DSM_DS3612xs_3810.pat on this new config

4 - after instalation, i shutdown the computer and plug my 4 HDD (i don t unplug the 5e HDD)

5 - At this point the Xpenology ask me to install / migrate but he don t refuse the XPEnology_trantor_v1.0_DSM_DS3612xs_3810.pat.

6 - i install, and finally get back all my datas and my nas working on 4.3 3810.

I m happy !D


7 - Now i will backup all my datas before trying to udpateto DSM5 !D

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