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ESXi: Sharing space to other VMs


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I have ESXi 5.5 with Nanoboot, 3 disks on the host.

My intention is to keep the Diskstation VM clean and install most other software (Plex, transmission,...) on another VM on the same host (many reasons, not too interesting)

I have the feeling that allowing Plex (and others) to access the Diskstation storage through shares would not be the best way performance-wise. I have been trying to read up on iSCSI but fail to get the concept. Can somebody give me a few pointers as to the best way to do this and if iSCSI would help in my case?


Many thanks!

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I have esx setup on an N54l.


VM's on an SSD, with the mechanical disks presented directly to the XPEnology VM.


I've got another ArchLinux VM setup with sab and all that stuff that uses CIFS and I see 100MB/s transfers so its not slow.


SAB uses the SSD for the download cache before copying it over to whichever share on XPEnology is relevant.

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