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I'm new to Xpenology

Paul Stead


Hi all


I've always wanted a Synology NAS box but could never afford it luckily I've stumbled across Xpenology but I'm a little confused as to what I need to download to get this working. I have a fairly modern PC with 8gb Ram and a 1TB Hdd so more than enough to get it up and running.


Two questions: 1) Where to download the right/latest software and 2) what software do I need to download?


Many thanks



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@Paul Stead Hello and welcome aboard ;-)


First thing's first, read the FAQ's.

Then, based on your current hardware,and your needs. you (maybe with some help) can decide what version will work the best for you.


Q - Do "you" (me, anyone...) need the latest software?

A - I don't think so.


Q - What would someone claim to be the most "forgiving/compatible" combo?

A - Jun's 1.03 3615xs bootloader and DSM 6.1.x ( currently .7-15284 Update 3)


Q - Where do I find the above mentioned combo?

A - Go back and read the FAQ again.


Q - If I don't get it, can I ask for more specific help?

A - Yes, of course :-)






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