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Install dsm in vmware on linux


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Hello everyone,

My machine information:
Hp microsoft server gen8, e3 1230v2, 14GB ECC.

My host operating system is centos 7 x64.
I have installed vmware workstation, I want to install dsm in vmware workstation, my process is as follows:
1. Convert img to vmdk, qemu-img convert -f raw -O vmdk synoboot-ds3615_6.2.img synoboot.vmdk.
2. Create a Linux 3.x x64 virtual machine.
3. Add synoboot.vmdk disk as sata mode.
4. Create a new data disk as scsi mode.
5. Add a bridged network card. (I can't choose the mode of the network card like esxi.)
6. Boot up and find the machine using find.synology.com.
7. Installing dsm using DSM_DS3615xs_23739 can be successful.
8. After entering the system and upgrading the 23824 reboot, the dsm IP is offline.

x: If I install the 23824 directly in step 7, after restarting, find.synology.com cannot find the dsm device.

How can I troubleshoot the problem and solve it. Thank you everyone.
I used google translation, maybe the syntax is not very accurate, please bear with me.


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