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Painless Upgrade on HP Gen 8


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I am currently running DSM 6.2-23739  - had a very painful and scary experience with the last upgrade which meant I haven't updated in a long time.  Several of my friends are on older releases due to the same.


The ransomware issue has made me concerned again to update where possible (I took all the steps to block the ransomware attack and so far seems OK).


I have Jun's loader 1.03b, on ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 baremetal as DS3617xs


Can anyone suggest the most risk free way to update to the most important latest version?


I realise that is subjective, but ideally I hope to upgrade to a newer critical release (perhaps of DSM 6.2-23739)  using the Synology DSM Control Panel and downloading the .pat for the manual upgrade.  That is I really want to avoid changing files on the bootloader USB if possible.


I've tried to find the answers but didn't succeed so far....


Any help is gratefully received.  I hope this makes sense!?

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The easy way would be to 


- shut down your Nas

- unplug all hdds

- plug in a blank hdd (can be a small or older model, 250gb for example)

- start up your Nas and do a new installation 

- install the updates and check if everything is working

- shut down your Nas again

- unplug the test hdd and plug in your previously used hdds

- start the Nas and install the update

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Thanks Polanskiman,

I did look through a lot of the Critical updates (it’s a great resource that I used all the time when I was up to date), but found it difficult to get definitive compatibility (version upgraded from Is almost always different to mine).


best regards,


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