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From gnoboot-alpha10.5 to nanoboot-


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Thanks, elmuziko.


I read the cyanlabs page as well but as I'm not ESXi and I'm looking for a safe method to migrate ONLY from gnoboot to nanoboot without backup all my data then start from scratch. Hope anyone had such experience can give me a hand. Thanks in advance.

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Part 1 - Build gnoBoot 5 alpha - 4485 from scratch on new hardware


Using left over parts -


assemble pc

AMD Athlon X2 4850e - ADH4850IAA5DO (ADH4850DOBOX)

ASUS M3A78-EM mobo


2x160GB Seagate but only 1 drive connected at time of initial build


boot pc

set bios to boot from USB

set to ACHI


build boot image per instructions from cyanlabs http://cyanlabs.net/tutorials/install-x ... thout-esxi



gnoboot 1.5.alpha

4458 file



ReBoot PC and follow instructions as per cyanlabs (link above)

start Synology Assistant

I already have 2 other Syno rigs (Trantor DSM4.3-3810 & gnoBoot DSM5.0-4458 <- ultimately I want to upgrade this)

Select unit to be installed and select - DSM_DS3612xs_4458.pat

...and this is where things go a bit pear shaped

boot stick still in place, update starts, at appropriate point PC attempts to reboot but msg says improper boot image etc

I pull stick and re image (all while install continues according to Synology Assistant)

re insert stick and manually Cntl,Alt,Delete to boot again

Select gnoboot.me

Select 4485 upgrade/downdrage

PC boots

Synology Assistant continues to show countdown as if nothing has changed

Synology Assistant then presents screen and I can now logon

Logon into Syno with admin.


Attempt to add second drive but knock cable to first drive and straight away goes into parity check mode.

I press on

Add new user

Add a couple of packages

Anti virus

Media server

Add second drive and expand volume


All working as designed

Map Drive and test copy about 7GB....connection fails

change port on switch

test copy again but smaller files


start lager file copy from DSM4 to new DSM5 getting 40-60MB/s




Part 2 - Upgrade to Nanoboot 4493 update 1 from gnoBoot as above ....stay tuned

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Part 2 - Upgrade to Nanoboot 4493 update 1 from gnoBoot as above


Shutdown Diskstation


Source for instructions and D/L xpenology.nl

D/L DSM 5.0-4493

D/L DSM 5.0-4493 Update 1

D/L Nano Boat DSM 5.0-4493 X64


build USB Stick using NB_x64_5031_DSM_50-4493_Xpenology_nl.img

Insert USB stick


Select 4493 upgrade

Rescan using Synology Assistant from installing machine, new Diskstaion is shown as Migratable status

select install

point to DSM_DS3612xs_4493.pat and enter

...and this is where things go a bit pear shaped again

Synology Assistant shows progress and at the point of rebooting bang

system msg invalid reboot disk etc. etc.

Syno Assistant still counting down, I pull USB stick, reimage, re insert and reboot manually

Syno Assistant continues to count down and continues to write config files.

Synology Assistant then presents screen and I can now logon


Logon to new Diskstation


....sort of

1 of the old 160GB disks dies and system presents as degraded.

insert a 500GB drive in place of failed drive and rebuild underway.


All installed packages from initial build are still in place

All copied data from initial build still in place

All Users defined from initial build still in place

Control Panel shows DSM 5.0 - 4493 update 1 available



Make up you own mind as to whether you want to go through this with live data.

The target of my upgrade is small enough to run a backup and restore if things really go pear shaped

As long as I can repeat the goofy reimage, reboot steps I'm ok but I would not call this definitive or solid

in anyway....Good luck and have fun storming the castle

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a couple of other observations.

DSM SYS info shows CPU as Intel Core i3 2.5GHz despite it being a lowly AMD

Serial number is already populated, no need for manual update

the issues with the re imaging the USB stick came about because of the BIOS reset issue as per


There was no need to re image the USB stick but at each attempted boot the boot sequence was reset to boot from HDD not USB

.......proceed accordingly

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Just did the update, I saw the strange message manfriday mentioned, but I did not pull the usb and/or reimaged it, just let it go.

It just rebooted and everything was just fine. Thanks for the information you gave manfriday, great job.

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