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[Guide] How to post-process Torrents with Transmission

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A lot of people are asking me how I managed to let Transmission work alongside Usenet downloaders in CouchPotato, Sickbeard/SickRage and Headphones.

The problem is usenet downloaders have built-in support for category sorting, but transmission doesn't.

This is how I did it:


Warning: You need to use a different repo for filebot now, and I changed the script a bit. Checkout my post beneath.


Connect to your NAS over an SSH session. I used Gate One for this.

1. Create a file in /volume1/@appstore/transmission called postprocess using vi /volume1/@appstore/transmission/postprocess (if your packages are installed on volume1)

2. Paste following code: (change paths when necessary ofcourse)

filebot -script fn:amc --output "/volume1/Download/complete" --log-file amc.log --action move --conflict override -non-strict --def artwork=y "ut_dir=/volume1/Download/complete/Torrents/$TR_TORRENT_NAME"
"ut_kind=multi" "ut_title=$TR_TORRENT_NAME"
rm -r "/volume1/Download/complete/Torrents/$TR_TORRENT_NAME"
chmod -R 777 /volume1/Download/complete
chown -R sabnzbd:users /volume1/Download/complete

3. Make our file executable and readable by using chmod +rx postprocess

4. Install filebot from MissileHugger. (It requires Java from MissileHugger)

5. Modify the file settings.json in the transmission/var directory to contain this line:

"script-torrent-done-enabled": true,
"script-torrent-done-filename": "/volume1/@appstore/transmission/postprocess",


What will this do? Whenever a torrent is completed, Filebot will sort the downloaded file into following folders: Movies, TV Shows, Music.

Create these folders or wait for a torrent to complete, and now point your CouchPotato, Sickbeard/SickRage and Headphones to these folders.

You can manually run the post-processing using ./postprocess when in the folder.


Enjoy! You may have to edit the Transmission settings file again after an update tough.

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Notice! Filebot now has their own respective package repository, so use this one for the latest version!

(Be sure to remove the old one)




In order to avoid some errors/warnings when there is no torrent given, I modified the script with an extra check;

if [ -n "$TR_TORRENT_NAME" ]; then
filebot -script fn:amc --output "/volume1/Download/complete" --log-file amc.log --action move --conflict override -non-strict --def artwork=y "ut_dir=/volume1/Download/complete/Torrents/$TR_TORRENT_NAME" "ut_kind=multi" "u
       rm -r "/volume1/Download/complete/Torrents/$TR_TORRENT_NAME"
       chmod -R 777 /volume1/Download/complete
       chown -R sabnzbd:users /volume1/Download/complete

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