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New install. Cannot find Diskstation


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Hi, Im trying to build a bare metal Xpenology box but am unable to find the Xpenology after booting from USB. My hardware:

Asrock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac

          Intel i211 Ethernet controller

          onboard SATA controller (will look up exact model later)

AMD Ryzen 2600


Using the bootloader for DS916


I am able to boot from the USB but cannot find the device from any web browser. Synology Assistant only lists my other actual Synology NAS (so it shows that the software itself is working atleast). I have double even triple checked the VID,PID and MAC addresses. The network controller is listed in the extra ram thing... When I boot the computer itself, network port LEDs are blinking but after booting from the USB, leds go dark. 

I have read somewhere about AMD and disabling C1E but I am unable to find the exact setting for it from the BIOS. I have tried disabling: "AMD CoolNQuiet", "ACPI _CST C1 Declaration" and "Global C-state Control" without luck. These were the closest to this C1E setting I could find from the BIOS. Any other ideas/pointers? 



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