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SSD with DSM 5.x


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I like to enable SSD cache with XPEnology DSM 5.x. It's seems that is not easy!


My test environment:


* VMware ESXi 5.5

* Virtual machine with nanoboot

* DSM 5.0 4482 stock




* With SCSI disks on the virtual machine, they can't be used for SSD ("synodisk --isssd" fails).

* With IDE disks on the virtual machine, they are recognised as SSD (good!).


* Config 1: 1xIDE disk (boot) + 2xSCSI (volume1) + 2xIDE disks (for SSD): After create the SSD Cache, the system goes slow. Logs (dmesg) shows errors writing (timeouts) to SCSI disks.

* Config 2: 1xIDE disk (boot) + 1xIDE (volume1 degraded, removed a previous SCSI disk) + 2xIDE disks (for SSD): this config is because the limit of four IDE disks. Result: the kernel crash when flashcache is enabled and autoreboots... after that bootloop when system tries to mount volume1.


Please, some of the developers of gnoboot or nanoboot: can you fix this? I feel the problem is some call not patched.

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I am having the same issue. I am not using VMware in my build but the symptoms are the same. When I try plug in SSDs, everything is fine until I try to add the 2 SSDs as SSD cache (added to Volume 1) and it crashes the volume. Only way to recover is to remove the SSD cache from the volume. Sometimes even that doesnt work.


Model Name: DS3612xs (Nanoboot)

DSM Version: DSM 5.0-4493 Update 1


I wish this feature worked! I need more IOPS very badly in order to run my VMware environment.

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