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NAS in the role of Internet access control


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Good afternoon.

Tell me, is it possible to implement the following functionality: need to NAS ruled the Internet access to their clients, i.e. management is: the Internet disconnect, or shut down any client that connects to the NAS.

see diagram.

I so understand that on NAS it is necessary to configure:

1. DHCP server on the router off, then all clients will get the IP from the NAS.

2. DNS server.

Next, I ask for Your help in setting up, if such an idea can be implemented. The NAS should act as an Internet access control.

NAS - RS1219+ DSM 6.2.2


Thx u.



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You mean that the NAS should act as a router/firewall/gateway? It’s possible but I wouldn’t recommend this. It’s very limited.


I would implement a small open source solution like opnsense or pfsense as a central firewall and routing solution. DHCP for local clients including DNS is not a problem and runs good, especially when you use DSM as an Active Directory replacement.

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