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Proxmox passthrough ssd with trim support





I"m in the following situation:

DSM: DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 2

Loader 1.04b


I'm running proxmox on a asrock J5005 m-itx motherboard with the sata controller passed through.

I want to migrate to my new motherboard, an asrock H370-m/itx with an i3-8100. This board has 6 sata ports and I want to passthrough 4 ports.

Unfortunately, all six ports are on the same controller, so controller passthrough is out of the question( I like to use the nvme sata slot as bootdisk).

Disk setup: 2x 980GB SSD and 2x 3TB drives.

The problem is with the ssd drives: if I do a controller passthrough, drives are visible as ssd drives in XPenology and trim is possible.


If I do a raw disk passthrough( qm set <vmid>  -sataX /dev/by-id , xpenology boots, I can see the disks, but they are seen as normal HDD's, not SSD's.

So SSD Trim is not availlable/usable I think, virtio drivers are not availlable with 1.04b loader( so I cannot enable the discard option.)


The goal:

Run proxmox as hyper visor

Get the ssd's recognised as ssd's in xpenology to avoid wear out.

Keep the current nvme ssd as boot drive.


Not my favorite possibilities:

- boot Proxmox from an usb disk and do sata controller passthrough, loosing the nvme disk.

- Manage raid config in Proxmox instead of DSM, but this makes it less transportable.


Any other ideas?

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17 hours ago, flyride said:

DSM recognizes physical RDM drives as SSD under ESXi.  I realize that switching hypervisors is not your plan but it will accomplish your functional goal.


Thx, I will try that option.

Reason for proxmox was due to limitations on ESX when I had only 4 sata ports and 4 passed through disks.

You couldn't install ESX on an usb stick and use an usb drive as storage and passthrough a zwave usb stick at the same time.


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