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How do you initialized new HDD


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My HP server gen 8 runing XPEnology DSM6.1.5 has been running well for the past 2 years, but now have an issue with the loss of my biggest drive 4tb due to bad sector issue.  Yes I have lost some data which I can live with. All drives are in raid 1 which is OK for me.  I have removed the bad drive and replaced it with a spare 500gb drive until I get a new 4tb drive, the drive has been formatted and appears in storage manager / HDD and shows it is working ok but has not initialized next to it and does not appear in storage manager / volume.


I am surprised that I am having this issue when I had no problem setting up the system a few years back, can anyone help, and point me where I am going wrong.


Any suggestions would be very welcome.

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Not initialized just means that the drive is foreign to DSM and the DSM partition structure has not been built yet.  As soon as you add to, or create an array using the drive, it will be initialized automatically.


A drive will not automatically be joined to the volume - you must initiate it with a Repair operation.  However, you cannot replace a 4TB drive with a 500GB drive and restore redundancy.  You can only replace a drive with another one equal or larger in capacity.  Because of this, DSM is not offering you the option to Repair the array.

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