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Upgrading Trantor 4.3 to Nanoboot 5.0


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Is this pretty easy to do?


There doesn't appear to be a guide (or even much mention) or upgrading from 4.3 to 5.0 in the forums - is it the usual method of writing the .IMG file, booting Nanoboot and uploading the .PAT file for the latest DSM build?


I don't have access to a VGA cable to do the initial install (to catch the Grub boot loader) so is it possible to set the first boot to go straight to "Install/Upgrade" by amending the Grub config file?

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I upgraded my Trantor 4.3 to Nanoboot 5.0 yesterday without any issue.

I used method that you described above:

- stop my NAS an remove stick with trantor boot image

- write IMG of Nanoboot to new USB stick

- boot on new stick

- select upgrade in bootlist (I connected my NAS to my TV, I do not know if it can be bone without screen)

- apply pat file from synology assistant


I had to re-apply privileges on shared folders and create again my backup schedules. Everything else were kept (Plex DB, notification parameters, etc...)


For information, nanoboot works fine with an ASUS h87-i plus without ESXi or other hypervisor. It boot from USB stick.



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