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Successful Build: i5 7500, ASrock H270M Pro4 running DSM 6.2-23739


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First off, thanks to all the help I got in this forum! I haven't messed around with much yet, but the system seems to stable so far! 


CPU: i5 7500

MB: ASRock H270M Pro4

RAID: Dell H200 Perc 

Loader: Jun's 1.04b DS918+


I used this tutorial as my main point of reference. Xpenology Tools really made things easier as well! 


The few minor hiccups I had...

- when flashing the H200, I used this tutorial, but got stuck until I stumbled onto this reddit thread

- when making a bootable USB with FREEDOS mentioned in the tutorial, my motherboard detected 2 boot entries on the USB, one UEFI and one USB. The UEFI takes you to the shell, the USB takes you to FreeDOS. 

- I couldn't find the MAC address through DOS/shell, but found that most manufacturers print it on a sticker on the edge of their board

- be absolutely sure your NAS has a network connection when it comes time to install. B/c of the location of my NAS/workstation/monitors, I tried to share the network connection from my laptop via ethernet and couldn't for the life of me figure out what I couldn't see the NAS. Found out my ethernet port on my laptop is bad after hooking up a 30ft cat5 cable from the router in the living room to the office.



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