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Hello guys, 


I have got Atomic PI SBC. and i'm trying to install os from ds918.

The loader booting process looks good, network is works fine. But i have got one problem. This pc doesn't have sata controller, so any other usb disks, internal emmc doesn't recognized as available for installation.


As an alternative to install on bare metal, i have try to use xpenology-docker project. 


Any body knows where i can download kernel modules with virtio ??? because i have got problem with network and storage, in this case.




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40 minutes ago, RC97F said:

btw how did you get arround the booting process cause mine won't boot from uefi with an usb stick

I don't have any problem with booting. I have used the microsd card and usb flash drive, all work fine. As a result, I have got xpenology ds918 in recovery mode, that available on my network. But at least one main problem still presented: no HDD available for installation (( Yes, I have tried USB HDD.

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A few updates:


I'm trying to use xpenology-docker project.

OS: Ubuntu server (last)


The default configuration of this container contains unsupported network adapter model.

So, I have changed model to e1000, after that it is starting to work on bootloader as eth0. But port 5000 still not response on host os.


Looks like the IP address for the virtual machine is not correct:

current ip: 169.bla.bla.bla
ip from VM config:

Also i don't have the admin password(( Variant with admin:123456 is not valid.


I't is an experiment for me. I wold like to create something like portable nas, based on xpenology, without active cooling.

Looks like the main problem of this SBC: missing pci slot.

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Hi...the solid purpose of the DSM (Synology OS) is the ease of use. I was thinking on the off chance that you could some way or another course the Syno's ordinary SATA association with a USB HD you'd get a sensible executioner use for a RasPi.

Force utilization will be incredibly low while it should have the option to go about as a DLNA worker for another RasPi associated with a TV and reinforcement for customer PCs.

IMO eventually simple programming will be significant for the RasPi to remain a triumph. Applications like this could contribute.

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