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New Xpenology NAS with existing parts


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I would like to put together an XPEnology NAS from leftover parts, which will serve as a backup for my new DS218 +. I've already read through some threads, but since these are partly outdated, I wanted to ask you, which combination is the most recent and most stable for an own build?


I would use a fractal node 304 with 6 HDDs (with the help of an additional SATA controller).


Is Intel Ethernet still important in the selection or is there now support for Realtek and Co.?

I have the following hardware available:


Asrock Q1900-ITX
Asrock N3700-ITX
Asrock J4205-ITX
Gigabyte Z97N Gaming 5 = Socket 1150
Asrock H81M-ITX = socket 1150
Asrock H81TM-ITX = socket 1150
Asrock A68M-ITX = socket FM2 +
Asrock AM1H-ITX with Athlon 5350
ProLiant G7 MicroServer N54L


Intel Xeon E3-1225 v3
Intel Core i5 4460
Intel Core i3 4330
Athlon X4 860K or 880K

Thank you in advance for your help!



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If by 'backup' you mean you just want a NAS to act as an rsync or hyper backup target, the I'd go for the lowest power compatible setup. Looking at your parts list some of the mobos seem to be embedded cpu, that might be a start, but maybe do a hardware test with your chosen DSM version, for nic and sata controllers working, then go from there

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